Finally going camping tomorrow with my love!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There has never been a phone conversation, a text message, a hello, that hasn’t had an underlying agenda with you. Each and every one usually ends up in a disagreement. No, I can’t blame you. But I can be sad that nothing else makes me sadder than the fact that I can’t just talk to you without becoming mad.

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I love her more than anyone I have ever loved on this earth.

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I’ve been binge eating all weekend. Melissa kept asking me what was wrong and I just kept eating a lot of food so now I have to work out twice as hard this week to make sure that I am making progress towards my goal and not just allowing my depression to eat me away. Planning our weekend trip helps a lot and so does taking my vitamins. I’m going to be an old lady and get a vitamin container.

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I don’t have very many friends these days but the few I do have I don’t get to see very often because of differing schedules or living miles apart. But the few friends I do have I absolutely cherish and love to pieces. I love you guys and thank you for putting up with my spastic outbursts and depressive episodes because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have the chance to be the healthiest I’ve ever been mentally. Thank you so much for loving me. Thank you so much for everything.

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I love you I love you I love you.

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Melissa and I went out for dinner tonight at a Chinese restaurant that I used to frequent when I was younger with my family. Usually when we go out to eat, we frequent places that are newer or have a younger vibe to them so that we know we won’t be discriminated against. On this particular occasion, we went here and I explicitly mentioned to M that I wasn’t comfortable with PDA here, because of the stigma the particular restaurant held. Our waiter told us how cute we are together as a discrete way of letting us know that he is also queer. And then proceeded to ask us where we were from and if we were staying in Lincoln and what have you. He was very sweet, very charming, very nice, and from what I assume, very thankful to see a couple like us out in the open. He had a wonderful way about him that let us know that it was okay for us to be there. I hope that we cross paths again.

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i-lost-paradise said: You're a lovely, beautiful person. Ignore all that blatant jealousy.

I love you and thank you for being so nice. <3

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Anonymous said: Seems like whenever your name is brought up, no one in the room has anything nice to say about you. Ever wonder why people don't like you so much?

I could honestly care less. I’m healthier, better, more honest and true than I have ever been in my entire life and if that is bothersome to people, then that’s their issue, not mine.

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My girlfriend got mad at me because I told her that I was excited about working out because my thighs might possibly slim down.

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