Your Graduation by Modern Baseball
  • From the album: You're Gonna Miss It All

  • cheekylittledarling:

    bullshit you fucking miss me.
    there i said it, i guess i’ll talk to you in a few months
    sitting drunk on the sidewalk
    i guess i’ll get up
    i guess i’ll go for a walk
    brushed my shoes against the pavement
    i swear this has gotta be the hundredth
    time i thought of you tonight

    Your Graduation // Modern Baseball

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    love this dude
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    Going back to sleep (maybe)Going to draw today (maybe)Going to drink more coffee (maybe)Going to write love letters (maybe)
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    I’ve been the luckiest person since I met you.

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    Melissa and I found our new baby named Bear. He is a wonderful seven months old with a bob tail and a joyful personality.

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    youneverknowwhatliesahead asked: I came across your blog because of some Panera problem tag, and I wanted to let you know you're beautiful, and I hope everything is going well. Have a good day :)

    This is incredibly sweet and exactly what I needed to pull myself out of bed this morning. Thank you, so much.

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    Anonymous asked: I miss you

    Here is a picture of my really long disney princess hair and me being stoned from a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this helps(?)

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    My hands can’t remember how to draw no matter how many times I request for them to form simple shapes.
    'Try a cube' I beg of them. And still, nothing satisfying emerges.
    I’ve thrown away hundreds of drawings and ideas because of these tired hands.
    I’m losing myself with every day.

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    Turns out your doctor can tell you that they don’t want to treat you without a complete reason. So now my wisdom teeth are coming out on the 28th with a new doctor.Picked up extra hours at work so that I don’t have to panic about bills.Working on drawings for the rest of the day/cleaning the apartment so that when M comes home she has nice things waiting for her.The last four months with this woman have been so enriching and positive for me, I can hardly explain it. With everything going on in my financial and family life, she keeps me afloat. I have never felt more secure with myself. I have never felt more secure in a relationship. I have never felt so much love from or for another person. I’m eternally grateful for the fact that I met her, and eternally grateful for the fact that I get to keep her.
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    I have a headacheMy girlfriend is asleepI have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow
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